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Welcome to the Multiscale Materials Design Lab!

Group Photo

We engineer advanced materials across scales, from nanoscale chemistry to macroscale manufacturing. Our team precisely controls surface chemistry and geometry on the nanoscale using molecular engineering, enabling control over the microscale assembly of materials like graphene oxide, MXene, cellulose nanocrystals, and polymers.

These tailored nano and microscale features yield advanced products with versatile rheological properties, ready for diverse applications such as sensors, electromagnetic shields, and environmental remediation. Based on their rheological features, our group employs advanced manufacturing methods like 3D printing, microfluidics, and interfacial assembly to bring these innovations to fruition.

We also design novel processes via interfacial assembly to create new types of multiphase soft materials with unique morphologies. Recently, we developed a new technique called liquid streaming/templating where structured all-liquid soft materials can be templated for fabrication of ultra-lightweight aerogels with hierarchical porosity. Utilizing cutting-edge advanced nanomaterials and/or polymers as the building blocks, these aerogels find application across diverse sectors, from electromagnetic shielding to wastewater treatment, thermal management, and oil-spill remediation.